Common Car Accident Causes Every Driver Should Know

Jimmy/ August 11, 2021/ attorney, legal, legal aid

Being aware of the most common causes of car accidents in Detroit and other cities in the US is something that is important for every single driver. This is because of the very simple reason that it helps you to stay safe since you know what to expect while you drive. So, let’s learn about what causes most car accidents right now.


The most frequent car accident cause is speeding. Speeding kills far more people in the U.S. than any other car accident cause. Driving over the posted speed limit reduces the amount of space you have to slow down and avoid hitting another car. It also lengthens the distance you must go through to prevent hitting the car in front of you.

Dangerous Road Conditions

When people talk about car accident causes, they often talk about dangerous road conditions. Every year, people die in car crashes caused by weather, mechanical issues, or reckless driver behavior. Most of these accidents take place on wet or rainy roads where conditions can be worsened by poor visibility. A lack of adequate white headlights makes it nearly impossible to avoid collisions with other vehicles. The same goes with speeding during these dangerous road conditions.

External Influences

Some of these include: slamming doors, opening cars and other objects, getting in a truck driver’s way, side collisions, and running off the road. And they are not always caused by you. These accidents can be prevented by avoiding these types of maneuvers in advance, taking breaks, and very simple actions like looking both ways before making a turn. Oftentimes, blind spots can cause a vehicle to hit another vehicle, or other objects when drivers are not careful because of distractions.

Car Defects

Another common cause of accidents is a car defect. Defects in the car, such as low production standards or parts that are not properly maintained can lead to fatal injuries if they are not fixed immediately.

A defective car might also be driven on a rough or uneven road surface, which would make the defect even more dangerous. Defective tires or rims can cause accidents because they do not function properly. Defective tires and rims can easily cause accidents, even when they are minor.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving occurs when a driver is not concentrating on the road or is paying attention to something else that causes him or her to lose track of the car. Distracted driving is dangerous because drivers are at risk of hitting innocent pedestrians or other vehicles on the road. This is especially the case during bad weather conditions when distractions from other drivers increase the risk of traffic mishaps.


Some car accident causes can be controlled or prevented through proper driving practices. Making sure a driver adheres to the rules of the road is one way to ensure that drivers stay safe and do not endanger themselves or others. Using turn signals and proper parking are great ways to be safe. Some people who drive on highways and regular streets do not follow proper lane markings or do not practice defensive driving techniques. Do not be one of them.

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