Democrats’ Socialism Looks More Like Venezuela Than Scandinavia

Jimmy/ March 9, 2022/ Socialism

Sanders also furthered himself from the Venezuelan government by calling the leader of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, former President Hugo Chávez, a “dead communist dictator”. While being interviewed in April 2016 by the New York Daily News, Sanders said that Israel killed over 10,000 innocent civilians in Gaza, an unnecessarily high dying toll. The Anti-Defamation League subsequently referred to as on Sanders to withdraw remarks he made about the casualties, which the ADL mentioned exaggerated the dying toll of the 2014 Israel–Gaza battle, citing a number far in extra of Palestinian or Israel sources’ estimates. Sanders later clarified that he was shortly corrected in that the demise toll was closer to 2,000 civilians.


In April 2018, in a press release, Sanders mentioned President Trump had “no legal authority for broadening the warfare in Syria” and really helpful Trump approach Congress if he believed “increasing the warfare in Syria will convey stability to the region and shield American interests”. Sanders strongly opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq and voted in opposition to the 2002 resolution authorizing using drive in opposition to that country. Sanders supported the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, arguing that while elements of the Clinton administration’s navy push to resolve ethnic tensions in Kosovo bordered on unconstitutional, such a push was necessary to prevent genocide in the area.

Additionally, he expresses concern over the logistics and financial challenges of nuclear waste. In April 2015, Sanders was certainly one of five senators to sign a letter to American governors saying the climate change views of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell weren’t in line with that of Kentuckians and urging them to adjust to the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. In April 2013, Sanders was certainly one of nineteen senators to signal a short led by Carl Levin requesting the U.S.

  • In every kind, at least in precept, the employees own the means of production.
  • The main variations between the completely different varieties are the function of the free market (market planning), how the means of manufacturing are managed, the position of management of employees, and the government’s position within the economy.

Regarding the extent of affect Congress needed to have in approving the bombing, he most well-liked the administration’s suggestion that the bombing not be topic to the War Powers Resolution of 1973, and opposed an explicit declaration of struggle by the United States proposed by then-Representative Tom Campbell. In May 2018, Sanders voted for a invoice that might reinstate net neutrality guidelines and thereby overturn the FCC’s repeal via a law authorizing Congress to reverse regulatory actions by a simple majority vote.

In April 2017, after President Trump signed a legislation undoing a Federal Communications Commission rule requiring internet service suppliers to obtain permission from prospects prior to promoting their data to advertisers, Sanders was certainly one of eleven senators to sponsor laws undoing the repeal and reinstating the laws. Sanders voiced assist for penalizing companies that neglect to guard their users’ private data, particularly citing the 2017 Equifax data breach. Following a spill at the Keystone pipeline in October 2019, Sanders stated he would shut down the present Keystone pipeline if elected. Sanders has gone on record in opposition to the government monetary backing of the nuclear industry, which he calls “nuclear welfare”.

In June 2019, following President Trump becoming the first sitting U.S. In February 2018, Sanders was certainly one of eighteen senators to sign a letter to President Trump arguing that hanging North Korea with “a preventative or preemptive U.S. army strike would lack both a constitutional basis or legal authority” with out congressional approval. In July 2017, Sanders voted in opposition to the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act that placed sanctions on Russia along with Iran and North Korea. 98 senators voted for the act, Rand Paul was the one different Senator to vote no. Sanders supported the sanctions on Russia, however he voted towards the invoice due to the Iran provisions.

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