Can you hurt a thief on your property?

Jimmy/ May 18, 2021/ General

There are many categories of people in the world and people often opt for different careers. It is no longer surprising that some people prefer to rob and engage in other vices to make moneyand survive even when there are several alternatives to make legal income. For some people, it is not due to a lack of opportunities but just out of sheer wickedness. They enjoy harming others and hence, prefer to rob for fun first and then to get money as opposed to just making money.

One of the strategies of most thieves is to break into an individual’s home to steal from them. In most cases, they try to avoid occupied homes as it is easier to rob a house whose owners are not around. This is why it is important to invest in home security systems so that your home can be protected when you are not around. Security agencies can be alerted when there is an intrusion in your home through security systems. You can read best security system online reviews on BritainReviewsto see the experiences of other people that have used home security systems and which they find to be the most effective.

However, those that have a taste for blood, would prefer homes with occupants so that they can have the pleasure of torturing the homeowners in the process. Even for those that avoid occupied homes to make the robbery easier, they might mistakenly enter into a home thinking it is empty only to find occupants. This situation could lead to a confrontation between the homeowners and the robbers.

It is often not advisable to get into a confrontation with thieves because most of them are harmed and heartless. Even those that are not heartless, could out of fear, the need to escape or other reasons harm the home occupants to aid their robbery operation or to escape. To avoid such harm that could be fatal, it is best to allow them to take whatever they wish to take and leave. Chances are that they could be caught and the items recovered. However, if you are seriously or fatally hurt, even if your items are recovered, it is not worth your life or a disability.

If you have CCTV in your home, then the chances they will be caught is very high. The footage will expose them and they will not be able to deny it. Hence, if they do not threaten you, it is best to cooperate with them and allow them to leave, then you can get the authorities involved to find them. If a thief attacks your home and you have the footage that shows that they were not trying to attack you when you carried out an action that led to their death, you could be charged for manslaughter. If there is no evidence, your case might be a 50 50 case and depends on the quality of your lawyer and the lawyer of the thief.

However, if the thieves tried to attack you first before you fought back, even if you should kill the thieve in the process, it will be clear that you were defending yourself. In this case, the chances that you will be allowed to walk free will be over 99 per cent. This is if you have a piece of evidence, that footage of the event, could prove beyond doubt. Without such video, the lawyer of the thief might still convince the jury that you didn’t act in self-defence. Hence, either way, it is important to invest in home security systems, especially CCTV to record events in your home.

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