Lawyer Profession

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A lawyer’s profession is a legal expert whose job is to provide legal assistance so that a client can get his rights during the legal process. In practice, a lawyer is free to express an opinion or reject a client’s case in court as long as he adheres to the professional code of ethics and regulations.
Also, every lawyer must keep all information confidential from his clients, except for other provisions stipulated by law. Lawyers also prohibit discrimination against their clients based on religion, politics, gender, race, or social and cultural background. In Indonesia, to become a lawyer, a bachelor with a law university background must take special education and pass the profession, friends.

Roles and Responsibilities of Lawyers
• The duty of an advocate to provide assistance, law, and ensure that a client gets his rights
• As a guardian of the constitution and human rights
• Fighting for human rights in an Indonesian constitutional state
• Implement a code of ethics for advocates, provide legal advice, legal consultations (legal consultations) and legal opinions to clients
• Draw up a contract. Write legal documents and prepare written pleas for civil cases
• Provide legal information (legal information)
• Representing clients before the court (legal representatives)
• Providing free legal assistance to the very weak and underprivileged (legal aid)
• Never give up, persistence that must be owned by a lawyer. Because great lawyers are those who are willing to fight to the end to win the rights of their clients
• Become a medium of communication between clients and other lawyers

Lawyers Skills and Knowledge
• Excellent interpersonal, presentation skills and written or oral communication skills
• Enjoy the Discussion with Good Arguments – Because as a professional lawyer, you will devote most of the time you have to reveal certain facts which will then be used as arguments in the client’s interest.
• Persuasive Skills – These abilities will come in handy when it comes to presenting cases and convincing courts of the client’s position
• Negotiation Skills – In almost all cases you will have to reach an agreement between the parties involved, having the bargaining skills that will allow you to come to a good deal before getting into more complicated procedures.
• Time management, becoming a lawyer depends on your ability to organize your time and work because you will be involved in many meetings and interviews with clients, doing documentation, making phone calls, and following court proceedings.
• Legal and commercial awareness

Lawyer Job Prospects
The opportunity to get a job as a lawyer will always be open, because:
The Important Role of Lawyers in a Legal Process
In criminal law, judges and prosecutors tend to be superior to those of a defendant. This is where the role of a lawyer is needed to balance the position, then the lawyer will protect and enforce a person’s rights such as the right to be accompanied by a lawyer, and fair treatment.
Moreover, what we know is that almost every aspect of life is regulated by law, from simple things such as supermarkets, working in offices, to various crimes. The law can be very complex. No matter what type of problem or what situation you are in, asking for help from a lawyer is the best solution, because a lawyer can explain everything that happened and make sure you understand the situation you are facing.

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